Chess Art in Green Original Mixed Media

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Chess Art in Green Original Mixed Media Description

Contemporary Modern Art Chess set Sculpture Wall mount Installation This art form is exploring concept of an organized mess of a chess game. 64 B&W 2D squares and 34 B&W 3D figures enables several billion combinations. Adding colors to squares and figures exceeds number of combinations of all estimated stars in all the galaxies in the universe! Art possibilities are almost unlimited; from a very simple and gray/monochrome board display with just a few B&W figures, to a very complex reach color display of squares and figures. Composition substance of figures and squares, except the additional colors, are in line with the rules of the chess. With just a few figures moves art composition dramatically changes as may outcome in the game of the chess. The art is influenced by Piet Mondrian's and Mies van der Rohe's minimalism and Alexander Scriabin's music. It is also influenced by Jackson Pollock art of a unpredictable but comprehensively organized mess. Dragomir Ivicevic Art can be displayed individually or as diptych art. Sculpture/Art and diptych can be mounted/exhibited horizontally or vertically - hanged on a wall. Chess Art in Light Blue 20 X 16 X 6 50cm X 40cm X 15cm Figures are fixed to the 3/4 board

Chess Art in Green Original Mixed Media

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Chess Art in Green Original Mixed Media

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