Tragic Elevator Accidents Avoidable with Elevator Repair

If you operate a facility using an elevator, it is your responsibility to keep parties who are using the elevator safe and secure in the process. When your elevator is in need of repair don’t hesitate to call the processionals at once. Not only does elevator repair DC quickly help you gain peace of mind, it keeps everyone safe and helps avoid accidents such as the following.

Incidents and Faulty Elevators

In 1903 in Pittsburgh, PA, a large group of Pennsylvania Electric Mechanical Institute students were having a celebration at the Donnelley Building. The celebration took place on the fifth and sixth floors. There were around 700 people at the event. Around 10 p.m., 17 people loaded onto the elevator to make their way to the party. As the elevator reached the fifth floor, the elevator cable broke, causing the cable to crash and crush the occupants. It is believed that an overloaded elevator was to cause or the crash, since the maximum allowed weight was made for a group of around 10 people.

A 16-year old girl living in the City Heights Takeshiba public housing complex in Tokyo, Japan was getting his bicycle out of the elevator when a malfunction caused the elevator to shoot upwards with the doors open. The 16-year old was pinned against the frame of the door, passing away due to asphyxiation.

No Incidents Similar to These

These are two deadly and frightening incidents caused inside of elevators, with the likely cause improper maintenance of the units. Obviously you do not want anything remotely similar to happen to the elevator within your facility. You can help ensure that tragedy doesn’t occur by calling the elevator repair pros whenever there is trouble or when the elevator is in need of maintenance.